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With 2020 in full swing, and with the first big title just out, what better time to look at the big titles still slated for release.

Naturally, with the world in a state of flux right now, all the release dates are tentative, and cancellations are bound to happen. But for now, here are the 15 games you should mark in your calendars and cross your fingers for in 2020.


Hot off their incredible success with the critically acclaimed WITCHER 3, CD Projekt Red are trying their hand at Cyberpunk, inspired by the franchise created by Mike Pondsmith

Set in the dystopian Night City in the Free State of California, CYBERPUNK 2077 imagines a world of violence, body modifications, and Neo-Militarism. In the style of JUDGE DREDD, the future is defined by the loss of bodily autonomy and privacy, with every aspect of life controlled by formless corporations. Little is known about the plot, but a story trailer from last year’s E3 revealed that Keanu Reeves has a part in it. The player controls a mercenary known as V, who is customizable right down their gender and background, on their quest for a body mod that is the key to immortality. But to find it, the player must first face a megalopolis obsessed with power at any cost.  

As the player navigates the expansive megacity, they can undertake a variety of missions on both sides of law and morality. The world is divided into six regions, from the corporate city center to the Badland outskirts, each accessible by foot or vehicle. As seen in THE WITCHER, branching dialog makes a welcome return, allowing for the quests to have multiple outcomes based on player actions. Likewise, failing a mission does not result in a game over, but instead affects the world around you with unforeseen consequences.

Drawing inspiration from BLADE RUNNER, GHOST IN THE SHELL, and AKIRA, CYBERPUNK 2077 looks to be pure manna from heaven for both fans of the RPG genre as well as sci-fi enthusiasts. With a hearty pedigree to their name, CD Projekt Red is on track to deliver yet another modern classic later this year.

CYBERPUNK 2077 releases September 17 on the PC, Xbox, PS4, and Google Stadia.

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