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Set thousands of years into the future after the near total extinction of humanity, HORIZON ZERO DAWN begins with the birth of a young girl named Aloy. Mankind has returned tribalism, choosing a life without technology in the ruins of a world gone by. But when a warring nation attacks their home, Aloy is forced to venture out into the world to discover the source of a new threat, one that allows the control of roaming beast-like constructs known as Machines. 

Developed by Guerilla Games, the minds behind the KILLZONE franchise, HORIZON ZERO DAWN took the PS4 by storm when released in 2017. Still one of the most beautiful titles on the consoles, ZERO DAWN is consistently ranked as one of the best games of the closing console generation thanks to its well written storyline and compelling gameplay. 

The world itself is massive, and Aloy’s adventure through it is filled with interesting side-characters comparable to Hayao Miyazaki films. The combat against towering animal machines is one of the highlights, showcasing incredible animation and design at every turn.

Currently in the final stages of development, the PC port arrives this summer, with an exact date expected to be announced soon. The game is also out on the PS4, and it’s highly recommended no matter which platform you choose. 

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