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Developed by FROM SOFTWARE, the minds behind SEKIRO and DARK SOULS, and partially written by George R. R. Martin, ELDEN RING promises to be the next defining word on dark fantasy role-playing. 

Outside of an early teaser trailer, very little is known about ELDEN RING. It takes place in a SOULS-like world, complete with high fantasy elements mixed into a Western European setting, but the story and characters are still a mystery. Martin’s involvement has been played up in the media, but Hidetaka Miyazaki, the father of the SOULS series, is listed as the official writer of the game, so it’s still uncertain just how much influence Martin will have overall. Nonetheless, we can at least expect a thoroughly captivating and well researched story.

The basics are reported to be much the same as with SEKIRO and SOULS. Players will once again control a customizable adventurer in a hopeless world, trying to survive against insurmountable odds and increasingly difficult monsters. 

SEKIRO is one of my favorite games of 2019, so any new additions to MIyazaki’s growing roster of modern classics is more than welcome. 

Rumors are swirling around the title promising a release date as early as June 2020, but no official confirmation is out.

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