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Developed by Finnish company Frozenbyte, STARBASE is a new sci-fi MMO with a heavy emphasis on building and designing spaceships and stations. Players explore, gather resources, and fight against one another in a massive open world voxel built galaxy. 

Featuring a fully destructible environment and promising ultimate freedom to explore, build, and take over areas as you see fit, STARBASE is one of the most exciting new MMOs in development right now. For tinkerers it promises increasingly complex ship design with everything from minor dents to pipe leaks being actual concerns. For explorers the wide expanse of an unexplored galaxy is incredibly alluring. And for action fans the early videos of the shooting mechanics look more than pleasing thanks to destructible environments and zero-G combat. 

The game also promises online interactions with thousands of players, though no report yet on how this will actually take place. But based off the trailers we can expect the scope to be nothing less than gargantuan.

STARBASE is one of my most anticipated titles of the year, so keep an eye out for further coverage later in the year.

An early access was initially scheduled for late 2019, but was later moved to 2020. No official date is listed yet.

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