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One of the best and most acclaimed RPG series returns after nearly two decades of hibernation. Based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition rule set, BALDUR’S GATE 3 returns to the iconic city years after the previous stories to find the world at the brink of destruction. 

The mind flayers are invading the shores of the Forgotten Realms, and all of humanity is threatened. The players form a party (including an online cooperative mode!), and set out on an epic quest to stop them once and for all. Developer Larian is promising a massive adventure spanning multiple known regions of the classic RPG saga, including travel between worlds yet unseen.

The game features five classes of which to choose from, each recognizable from their D’n’D counterparts. Players can pick from a fighter, wizard, rogue, ranger, cleric or warlock, each with their own skills and weaknesses. 

An isometric game like the previous titles in the series, BALDUR’S GATE promises a lore and story rich adventure filled with player choices and branching paths. As in their previous title, ORIGINAL SIN 2, players can explore the world together by separating the party at any time, each going off to do their own thing. ORIGINAL SIN provided ample opportunities for both hi-jinks and unexpectedly epic narratives thanks to this, so it’s hugely exciting to see how Larian has expanded this aspect of gameplay. 

No official date for release yet, but Larian is promising an early access for late 2020. 

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