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To say that expectations are high for the FINAL FANTASY remake would be an understatement. The original FF7, released 23 years ago, is a landmark JRPG that broke barriers for western audiences experiencing them for the first time. Filled with memorable characters, the now iconic instalment is generally held as the best one in the franchise. 

The story kicks off with the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE bombing a Mako reactor, leading them on a collision course with the Shinra Electric Company ruling Midgar. The small conflict soon escalates, and AVALANCHE quickly finds themselves in the middle of a fight for the future of the entire planet. 

The first part of the remake is set entirely in the city of Midgar, a giant post-industrial revolution dieselpunk world. While the rich live happily on an elevated above the ground, the poor spend their lives in squalor on ground level, most never seeing the sun in their lives. This section wasn’t a huge part of the original game, and it remains to be seen how many additions Square Enix has thrown in to expand the remake. We already know that we’ll see much more of the sectors that Midgar has been divided into, including a far more extensive look at the infamous slums ruled by the lecherous Don Corneo. 

If the demo released earlier this month is any indication, most of the added material will be to pad out the shortcuts taken due to hardware restrictions of the original PS1. Characters are now fully voiced, and much of the limited areas are greatly expanded with secrets and new events to explore. One of the trailers also features a brand new character called Roche, whose presence is still a mystery. The original game kept the true antagonist well hidden until some dozen hours into the story, and it’s unlikely that Square Enix would spill the beans on anything new this haphazardly. 

For those who can’t wait for the release date, Square Enix is publishing a series of INSIDE FINAL FANTASY 7 REMAKE, which chart the behind the scenes process making the game. The first two parts are out now.

Fans will get their hands on the remake very soon on April 10th as it releases exclusively on the PS4.

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