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Feudal Japan in the late 13th century. The Mongols approach from the west, leaving destruction in their wake. Tsushima Island is all that stands between life and death at the hands of foreign invaders. The player takes control of Jin Sakai, the last surviving samurai left from the first clash with the Mongol armies. It’s up to him to save his home, and the country of Japan before it’s too late. 

Featuring a wide open world to explore at any point, GHOST OF TSUSHIMA comes from Sucker Punch Studios, the minds behind the INFAMOUS series. Like it’s siblings, GHOST is a third-person action-adventure stealth game, emphasizing combat and exploration. Confrontations are dealt with a variety of weapons, most notably katana’s. The game is said to be heavily grounded in reality, so don’t expect any giant crabs this time around. 

Taking inspiration from Japanese samurai cinema such as Akira Kurosawa’s SEVEN SAMURAI and SANJURO, GHOST looks to finally deliver an authentic historical epic. We haven’t seen one of those since the original PS1 and the great TENCHU series twenty years ago. 

Releasing July 17 exclusively for the PS4.

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