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From the people behind the genre defining FALLOUT, WASTELAND continues the tradition of isometric, story driven RPGs on PC. This time allowing for players to cooperatively complete the vast campaign, WASTELAND 3 follows a group of rangers working to ensure life goes on in the frozen wastes of post war Colorado. 

Featuring a story-line filled with moral choices, harsh outcomes, and a fully voiced new dialog system, WASTELAND looks to continue the high standard developers InXile have set with their previous titles.

While not an official FALLOUT title, WASTELAND is considered by many fans as the “true” successor to the series, especially as FALLOUT 76 sees the series spiral even further into combat heavy shooting mechanics. The previous two WASTELAND games were modest successes, although critically acclaimed. Here’s hoping that this newest chapter, which sees a release on all major platforms, can help the series breakout into the mainstream.

Released May 19 for PC, MacOS, Linux, PS4, and Xbox One.

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