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Mount & Blade is a hugely ambitious strategy/action RPG series from developer Taleworlds. Spanning a massive single player sandbox campaign which allows for a dynamic progression system, the series prides itself on no two playthroughs being the same. 

Set in the massive world of Caldaria, the player starts as a lowly errant wanderer as they set about to make a name for themselves. Eventually finding themselves leading armies and conquering kingdoms in far off lands that once seemed impossible to reach. 

The game also features a realistic economy system, allowing the player to either decimate regions through starvation or bring prosperity with newly founded caravan routes to kingdoms. Survival and protection from roaming bandits is guaranteed by a skill based combat system, emphasizing directional based input for both blocking and attacking. 

The game also ships with their praised multiplayer mode, made famous by previous MOUNT & BLADE entries. Featuring clashes for hundreds of players on a single server, prior titles in the series have seen huge conquests of cities and great cavalry charges on open plains. If the early Beta footage is any indication, BANNERLORD has only upped the ante on this front. 

In development for almost ten years, BANNERLORD is finally arriving on PC early access March 31.

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