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Glyph is one of the best indie games of the year

(Glyph is out now for the PC and Nintendo Switch. Developer provided review copy.)

Making a platformer is a tricky business. It’s rare that anyone gets it right the first time around, let alone crafts something that rivals some of the best in the business. But that’s precisely what Glyph does. It iterates on classic mechanics and combines them with deviously clever level design to create something utterly divine.

You play as an ancient ball-like scarab called Glyph. There’s a quest of sorts, but a lot of it is window dressing for finding knick-knacks and opening new levels as you rebuild your home.

It’s an intoxicating mix of hard-as-nails platforming and chill exploration that’s easy to recommend for anyone who likes games. This is platforming done so pure it reminds me why I love the art form in the first place.

Check out the video review for more.

Glyph is one of the best indie games of the year

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